Claim Up To £510 Compensation Per Passenger From Your Airline

Flight Delay Compensation

If your flight has been delayed, cancelled or re-routed, you can claim significant amounts in compensation from your airline. Compensation is paid out per passenger, so if there was 2 of you traveling you could receive up to £1,020, and for a family of 5 you could claim a total of £2,550.


Don’t let your airline get away with it.

You need to make the claim or you won’t receive any compensation at all. Most airlines will never mention you have the ability to claim compensation if your flight has been disrupted, don’t let them get away with ruining your holiday and start your claim today.

30,000,000 Delays or Cancellations Per Year

Every year airlines make 30 million flights per year a misery for millions. Often this is due to mismanagement and very rarely do they communicate the full reasons with you.

Maximise Your Claims Chances

Some airlines only have a 2% record of paying out on claims, you can maximise your chances by using a professional company such as ours. We’re backed by leading solicitors in their respective fields and have top barristers opinions.

We’ve Helps 1,000s Claim Millions of Pounds & Reclaim Their Consumer Rights

In the past 6 years we have helped thousands of people reclaim their rights and access millions of pounds worth of compensation they’d have otherwise been denied.

Start Claiming The Compensation You Deserve Today